Digitalised asphalt production

Amomatic is a pioneer in the digitalisation of asphalt manufacturing. Our plants come with advanced control and monitoring systems that guarantee the efficiency and reliability of the production long into the future.

The manufacturing process of our asphalt plants is controlled by the scalable and flexible AmoControl system. Its technology is based on the Siemens Simatic PCS7 DCS.

We are continuously updating our digital solutions, bringing forth new features that make asphalt production even more efficient. An example of this work is the AmoWeb application, which brings production control to both PCs and mobile devices.

Technology Taken to the Next Level

Amomatic’s digital tools go beyond the basic process monitoring and control. Our AmoTrack technology enables manufacturers to track the paving process in real time, thus ensuring the quality of the asphalt mix. Great care has gone into the software design, making our applications both user-friendly and efficient.

Digital Opportunities for the Asphalt Industry  

  • Scalable process control
  • Intergratable applications for existing systems
  • Real-time monitoring of the manufacturing and paving of asphalt 
  • Automated quality assurance applications
  • Clear user interface for both PCs and mobile devices