Environmental Sustainability

Amomatic strives to make asphalt manufacturing as environmentally friendly as possible. Our solutions include LTA manufacturing techniques as well as innovations in the use of biofuels, energy efficiency and emission monitoring.

With Amomatic’s products, you don’t have to compromise on the quality of production or on your environmental values. Our solutions are always designed with both reliability and sustainability in mind. Therefore, our products conform today to the ecological requirements of tomorrow. 

Reduced costs and emissions

Energy efficiency is one of the key features of Amomatic’s products. Combining our different applications gives the asphalt producer a competitive edge both financially and ecologically. Our continuous research aims, for example, to harness the power of energy recovery from the production and discover more economical uses for biofuels.

Thinking ahead in emission control

Amomatic's continuous emission measuring system works with both stationary and mobile asphalt plants. With our advanced solutions we are able to e.g. calculate the lifetime CO2 emissions of your plant in advance. This helps you think and plan ahead regarding, for example, the air quality laws and emission allowances of your planned manufacturing area.

Asphalt recycling

Taking used asphalt from the roadbed and using it again has several advantages for both the manufacturer and the environment. Amomatic's recycling solutions save natural resources, make production more cost-efficient, reduce the carbon footprint and lighten the load of landfills. All this with a system that can be easily incorporated into existing asphalt plants.