Relocating Amomatic’s asphalt plants is fast. Due to their modular structure, dismantling, transportation and assembly are as easy as 1-2-3.

The demand for cost-efficient logistics has carefully been taken into account in the designs of our plants. Lifting brackets, hinged structures and the ability to nest parts are basic features in all of our mobile models. This is how we've been able to minimise the number of loose components in transportation.

In our recent product developments, we have answered the call of our clients and produced an asphalt plant with ultimate transportability. Amomatic's container model asphalt plants are compatible with the ISO 1496-1 standard and all of their modules built into CSC approved sea containers. With this innovation, the logistical costs can be reduced up to 75%.

Built-in movability

  • All main modules come with lifting brackets
  • Hinged support legs, service platforms and handrails 
  • Ability to nest the support frames of the filler silos
  • Conical guide pins in modules for easier positioning
  • Quick locking mechanisms for exhaust ducts
  • Various incorporated support structures in modules for easier transportation
  • Amomatic’s standard models don't require welding during the assembly
  • Electrical connections are made with plugs and sockets