Amomatic’s batch type asphalt plants have a modular structure. This makes them both efficient in production and easy to assemble and relocate.

The modules used in our plants are designed to use as little loose and extra parts as possible. For example, bolt joints have been minimised, thus making the installation process easier. The modules travel safely from place to place with a trailer, therefore reducing logistic challenges. 

Easy to assemble

Effortless assembly is a built-in feature of Amomatic’s asphalt plants. All of their main modules have one or more lifting brackets. The support legs, service platforms and handrails have a hinged structure, therefore minimising the handling of loose parts. With most of our models, there is no need for welding or concrete foundations.

Transportability with reliability

Amomatic also offers mobile asphalt plants. These can be e.g. equipped with wheels or fitted into CSC certified sea containers for transportation. In these models, the electrical connections are simplified by using plugs and sockets. All of the modules in our plants have been designed and manufactured with demanding Scandinavian conditions in mind. This makes them reliable even in the harshest climates.