Amomatic Values

Amomatic strives to have a continuous interest in its customers and their needs, to preserve and improve the environment and keep a healthy and positive work place for all our employees.

Continuous interest in our customers

  • Contacting customers regularly and asking their needs.
  • Answering customer contacts in a timely manner.
  • Giving new ideas for the customer to improve their revenue.

Unprompted actions targeting to increase the company revenue

  • Everybody is responsible of their own actions.
  • The company strategy is to improve its revenue in longer run and this way of thinking is reflected to all operations.

Openness, trustworthy and positive humour

  • Share information regarding Amomatic to co-workers.
  • Trust your colleagues and believe of what they are doing.
  • Be a trustworthy worker and do what you have promised.
  • It is everybody's task to make our working environment enjoyable where everyone feels welcome.

Innovativeness taking into account the environment

  • When creating new solutions, processes and products we are always trying to minimize the unfavorable environmental and social effects.