Amomatic’s batch type asphalt plants are modular by their design. They are capable of producing all types of asphalt mixes, with capacities ranging from 120 to 300 t/h. Different recycling options are also available.

Consistent production, reliability and cost-efficiency are key features of all of our asphalt plants. Our goal is to continuously push forward the technology used in our products. Therefore, the plants are always manufactured with the highest quality components available.

Our asphalt plants come with an intelligent AmoControl system. It combines the production control seamlessly into a web-based solution with the possibility of cloud-based data collection and analysing.

Amomatic SM 160-300 t/h

Semi-mobile asphalt plants offer a high output combined with easy relocation. The modular structure of the plant means that the dismantling and construction can be done within days. This makes it possible to move the production facilities multiple times during the paving season.

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Amomatic CM 120-160 t/h

Container model asphalt plants combine reliable production with ultimate transportability, making them a cost-efficient solution for producing asphalt remote locations. CM plants are fully integrated into CSC certified sea containers, which leads to quick and effortless assembly as well as easy relocation at any time.

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Amomatic H 160-300 t/h

Our stationary high asphalt plants are a perfect choice for manufacturers that require high output but need to save space. Amomatic’s H-models are used in places such as the outskirts of big cities that have a limited amount of land lots available. The plants are built to be reliable even in the most extreme conditions.

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Amomatic S

Amomatic’s custom made asphalt plants, known as S-models, are individually tailored for your manufacturing needs. Because of the modular structure of our plants, you can literally pick the most suitable features of our different models in order to create your unique plant.

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Amomatic M 160-300 t/h

Mobile asphalt plants are designed for flexible asphalt manufacturing wherever it’s needed. We have strived to create a production facility that doesn’t compromise on its features. This makes our mobile models the first choice for a manufacturer that needs to relocate often.

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Design Your Own Asphalt Plant

Amomatic’s asphalt plant configurator app gives you the chance to design your own asphalt plant with just a few taps. At the same time, you can effortlessly send a quotation to us. 


AmoTrack asphalt mixture tracking system offers benefits for both asphalt plant operators and the paving personnel. The digital system enables manufacturers to track the paving process in real-time. Learn more »