Container Model Asphalt Plants

Amomatic’s CM asphalt plants are an innovative and cost-efficient solution for producers that require flexibility or that need to access remote locations. All modules are integrated into CSC certified sea containers. Asphalt plant assemblies and relocations are now easier than ever.

Cost-efficient transportation

The container model asphalt plant can be shipped easily anywhere in the world. Because all CM modules fit in sea containers, transportation costs can be reduced up to 75 %. This makes the plant an excellent choice for a manufacturer with multiple project locations.

Effortless assembly and relocation

Thanks to its modular design in which all modules are built into sea containers, assembling an asphalt plant has never been easier. Containers are fastened together using a quick locking system, leading to minimal assembly time. With Amomatic’s CM, asphalt plant relocations have been significantly facilitated and can now be performed within days.

Compact size with full features

Despite its relatively small size, Amomatic's CM has all the most important features of a stationary asphalt plant. For example, the filler supply system is full-sized, allowing the manufacturer to always decide the exact composition of the asphalt mix.

All modules are compatible with the ISO 1496-1 standard.

Plant Output Options

120 t/h
160 t/h

Basic Configuration