Special Asphalt Plants

Amomatic S asphalt plants are individually tailored according to your needs. You can pick the most suitable features from our different models for your own unique plant.

Our special models can be fitted with the most advanced technology in asphalt manufacturing. For example, we offer environmentally friendly WMA production as well as digital monitoring and tracking systems. Our engineers are at your service, should you need additional customised solutions.

Adjustments made easy

Because of the modular construction of our asphalt plants, different modules and parts can easily be changed according to your requirements. Our experts are at your service, whether you want to add functionalities, increase the output of your plant or change the composition of the asphalt mix.

Tailored for you

  • Modules selected according to your needs
  • Different asphalt mix options
  • Integrated asphalt recycling equipment
  • Cold feeder
  • Drying drum
  • Dry dust filter
  • Mixer tower
  • Filter equipment
  • Asphalt mix storage

Plant Output Options

160 t/h
200 t/h
240 t/h
300 t/h

Basic Configuration