Amomatic’s product range includes spare parts and supplemental systems for asphalt plants as well as machines widely suitable for the process industry. We also offer digital solutions that help secure the quality and cost-efficiency of your production.

Our design philosophy combines both the sturdiness needed for the harsh northern climate and the continuous aspiration for higher efficiency. All of our work is done with a respect for the environment and the communities. This enables us to offer you machines and systems that comply today with the requirements of tomorrow.


Our economical burners are a reliable choice for every manufacturer. Their power range from 3 to 24 MW and a variety of different fuel options are available.

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Drying Drums

Economical operation is the key feature of Amomatic’s drying drums. Our high quality drums are always equipped with an integrated coarse dust collector.

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Dry Dust Filters

Long lifespan of the filter is important for the manufacturer. This is achieved by using quality materials and surface treatment with excellent insulation.

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Cold Feeders

Obtaining a high quality asphalt mix is guaranteed by using correctly proportioned and smooth aggregate. Our cold feeders enable you to do just that.

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Mixer Towers

Amomatic’s mixer towers are developed for the tough Nordic conditions. Their modular construction allows them to be easily erected and dismantled.

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Asphalt Mix Storage

Preventing the segregation of the asphalt mix is the key feature of our storage silos. Our models come with a variety of accessories and equipment.

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Bitumen Tanks

Our bitumen tanks have been a natural selection for customers buying our asphalt plants. These are also used by customers wishing to increase their bitumen storage capacity during seasons.

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Drum Dryers

Amomatic’s drum dryers can be used widely in the process industry. Their features can be customised according to the raw materials that are being dried.

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An environmentally conscious and cost-efficient biofuel-system for asphalt plants. Equipment is always adjusted to the plant’s location and local legislation.

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Design Your Own Asphalt Plant

Amomatic’s asphalt plant configurator app gives you the chance to design your own asphalt plant with just a few taps. At the same time, you can effortlessly send a quotation to us. 


AmoTrack asphalt mixture tracking system offers benefits for both asphalt plant operators and the paving personnel. The digital system enables manufacturers to track the paving process in real-time. Learn more »