Amomatic brings biofuelled power to asphalt plants. Our environmentally conscious and cost-efficient fuel-system reduces the carbon footprint of production and offers manufacturers a plethora of other benefits.

Amomatic's solutions cover different types of biofuels, and are always adjusted according to the plant's location and regional legislation. Using different biofuels can lead to a reduction of up to more than 90 % of the asphalt plant's CO2 emissions. As a recycled alternative for fossil fuels, they also have a lower price and the equipment is easy to take care of.

Straightforward installation

AmoBio system can be effortlessly incorporated to an existing asphalt plant. The conversion costs are low and the possibilities for the use of different biofuels are comprehensive. This allows the asphalt manufacturer to work with e.g. local food industry by recycling their used vegetable oils.

A selection of biofuel options

  • Vegetable oils (used and virgin)
  • Pine oil
  • Animal fats and oils
  • Pyrolysis oils
  • Biodiesel