Asphalt Mix Storage

Amomatic’s storage silos have been designed to prevent the segregation of the asphalt mix. Our round and square silos can be delivered with a variety of additional features.

The speed of the skip cars is controlled by an inverter, thus enabling high production efficiency as well as smooth operation. An electric heating system of the discharge gates comes as a standard feature with all of our silos.

Construction options

Our asphalt silos can each be equipped with their own base construction or with the same support construction for all of the silos. Insulation of the storage unit is protected with a profiled plastic-coated steel cladding.

The skip car track has an intermediate discharge bin. The lower end of the skip car track is hinged and can be lifted up with a winch. This enables loading asphalt mix directly from the mixer into a truck.

The skip car’s discharge gate is controlled by pneumatically operated release brackets. The large discharge opening of the skip car, the shape of the storage silos and full control of the discharge effectively prevent the segregation of the hot asphalt mix.