Amomatic’s burners are a powerful answer to the needs of both asphalt plants and other industrial applications. With a power range up from 1 MW they an excellent choice for manufacturers all over the world.

Our burners can be used with oil, gas and solid organic fuels. For continuous use we offer, for example, LNG burners. In addition, we provide LPG fuelled burners for demanding climates such as the Arctic. With our burners, liquefied petroleum gas can be used the same way as diesel fuel.

Service and Automation

Our professional installation, maintenance and spare part services are at the disposal of all our burner clients. Furthermore, we are able to provide you with a control system for your burner. Our, AmoBurner system addresses safety regulations as well as economic and energy efficiency aspects of burner usage.

Key Features of Amomatic Burners

  • Power range up from 1 MW
  • All burners are CE-approved
  • Fuel options: oil, gas (LPG and LNG), solid organic fuel, biofuels
  • Automation with AmoBurner control system
  • Installation, maintenance and spare parts services available