Drum Dryer Solutions

Besides asphalt manufacturing, Amomatic’s drum dryers are suitable for a variety of process industry applications. Our dryers can be used for example in building material and chemical industries as well as metallurgy.

Our drum dryers are versatile in the materials they can process. Among these are e.g. limestone, natural and quartz sand, aluminium or ferric sulphate slurry, biotite and clay. Amomatic’s dryers allow you to maximise your production capability while meeting the strict environmental demands of today.

Efficient operation method

The drying drum is fed with the selected moist aggregate by a feeding device. Transporter blades on the feed side of the drum carry the product into the drum fittings. The type of these fittings is determined according to the characteristics of the desired product.

Drying is carried out in a direct flow, with the wet product coming into contact with hot drying gas. The duration of the process depends on the drum speed and inclination, the flow rate of the drying gas and the damming device used at the end of the drum.