Dry Dust Filters

Amomatic’s filters meet all emission requirements throughout the world. High quality materials and surface treatment combined with excellent thermal insulation guarantee their long lifespan.

The middle and upper parts of our filters are manufactured using Corten steel. Heat resistant paint is used on all steel surfaces that are in contact with hot exhaust gases.

The exhaust fan’s speed is controlled by an inverter. This guarantees an energy-efficient operation, low noise level and a maximum lifetime for the fan. It also optimises the operation of the drying drum.

Amomatic soft-clean method

Our dry dust filters use three-piece aluminium framed Nomex filter bags. Their cleanliness is controlled by measuring the pressure difference of the bags. Cleaning is performed automatically and only when necessary, thus minimising the bag wear. 

Filter bags can be replaced easily through a hinged service door located on the filter roof. The dust collected in the bottom hopper is then discharged to a screw conveyer that transports it by a pneumatic conveyor to the dust silo.