Mixer Towers

Amomatic’s mixer towers and hot elevators have been developed and tested to withstand the tough Scandinavian conditions. Therefore, they even work with extremely hard stone aggregates.

Our standard range of modular mixer towers has capacities of up to 300 tons per hour. The modules are designed in order for erection and dismantling to be both effortless and fast.

Mixer towers are equipped with a shaft screening or impact screening unit. The hot aggregate silos are equipped with level indicators that are connected to the AmoControl system.

Durable construction

For optimal dosing accuracy, the discharge gates for fines fraction close in two steps. All elements exposed to higher levels of wearing are protected by Amomatic Antiwear System.

Amomatic’s mixer tower aggregate scales are fully enclosed and dust-proof. They have two pneumatically operated gates for fast discharge into the mixer. The aggregate scale hoppers are supported by four weighing cells.

The filler scale hoppers are supported by three weighing cells. For fast and even discharge of the filler into the mixer, three pneumatically operated clack valves are located at the bottom of the hoppers.

Bitumen weighing tanks in Amomatic’s mixer towers are insulated. The bitumen tanks, pumps, valves and piping are all electrically heated. The weighing tanks are supported by three weighing cells.