Asphalt Plants and Personnel for Hire

In some circumstances, it can be more convenient and cost-efficient to hire rather than to buy an asphalt plant. These situations include, for example, lone road construction projects in remote locations. Amomatic offers you the perfect solution by hiring you both the asphalt plant and the skilled operators.

All our asphalt plant models are for hire – from the small and mobile container models to the high output stationary plants. So, whether your project is big or small, you’ll find the best possible solution from us.

When you hire an asphalt plant from us, it always comes with a maintenance contract as well as a minimum of one of our own operators. This guarantees that the plant works at its full efficiency, safely and with the highest possible output.

What’s Included in our Service

  • Asphalt plant model of your choice
  • Logistics
  • Plant construction
  • Plant dismantling
  • Maintenance contract
  • One or more of our own skilled asphalt plant operators