Asphalt Plant Operator Hiring

Amomatic provides you with the opportunity to hire labour for your asphalt plant according to your needs. Hiring operators offers a flexible solution for balancing short load peaks as well as guaranteeing skilled personnel for longer periods of time.

All of our operators have the latest know-how in the field of asphalt manufacturing and plant maintenance. Outside the paving season, our staff works in our own production facilities, thus guaranteeing their up-to-date expertise in asphalt manufacturing.

Education in asphalt manufacturing

We provide vocational education in asphalt manufacturing and earthworks. New professionals are educated in Finland in cooperation with local learning institutions.

For students abroad, we offer customised training in both operating and maintenance of asphalt plants. Our educators have experience in teaching all over the world – from Europe to Asia and Africa.

Benefits in a nutshell

  • Skilled personnel at your disposal right when you need it
  • Easier balancing of short load peaks
  • Possibility to get an education in asphalt manufacturing in your local area