AmoFoam, Amomatic WMA/LTA Asphalt Mix Solution

Amomatic’s solution for producing WMA/LTA asphalt mixes enables manufacturing in significantly lower temperatures. The advantages range from energy savings and reduced emissions to increasing the lifespan of the asphalt plant.

AmoFoam is a compact bitumen foaming package for warm mix asphalt production. Its technique reduces the temperature in asphalt mixing and paving by injecting water at a high pressure in the bitumen. Therefore, the bitumen foam has reduced viscosity and improved aggregate coating characteristics. 

New Asphalt Plant Not Required

Our WMA/LTA system can be incorporated into existing asphalt plants. This makes it an ideal solution for all manufacturers that wish to modernise their plants, thus making them more cost-efficient and ecological. AmoFoam can also be easily integrated into AmoControl or any other control systems.

Benefits in a Nutshell

  • Energy and cost efficiency due to a reduced need for heating
  • Reduced CO, CO2 and NOx emissions
  • Longer lifespan for asphalt plants
  • Easier compression and longer treatability in pacing
  • Reduced worker exposure to detrimental fumes and aerosols
  • Extended paving season in cold climates