Rejuvenating Reclaimed Asphalt

Using reclaimed asphalt has its own challenges. We have addressed these issues with an asphalt rejuvenating system that gives old bitumen a new life.

When the bitumen from reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP) is old, its heat sensitivity is reduced and elastic properties decreased. Amomatic’s RAP rejuvenating system helps manufacturers avoid these pitfalls by restoring the chemical properties of the used asphalt. This has multiple benefits, both from a business perspective as well as for the paving personnel's working conditions.

Delivery and dosage system for rejuvenating agents

Amomatic’s solution for the delivery and dosage of rejuvenating agents guarantees an even mix for the recycled asphalt batch. The rejuvenator is always applied according to the amount of RAP, thus making sure that the best possible results are achieved each and every time.

Our system includes a choice of different containers with volumes ranging from 1 m3 to 2 x 47 m3. These can also be used as ordinary bitumen tanks.