Parallel Drum System for Heavy Users

Recycling asphalt with Amomatic’s parallel drum system makes it possible for you to use more than 60% of reclaimed asphalt in the mixture.

The system works by heating the recycled asphalt in a parallel drum, thus allowing you to control the process very precisely. It is therefore an excellent choice for manufacturers that deal with large amounts of material taken from the old roadbed.

The process works as follows; recycled asphalt is heated in a parallel drum, while the exhaust gases are used in order to heat the main drum. Heated material goes through the buffer silo and then into a scale.

The required amount of reclaimed asphalt is weighted for each batch. The material then continues its way into the mixer via a screw conveyor. In addition, virgin material can be screened and weighted separately into the mixer.

Basic configuration

  • Hopper with a variable speed feeder
  • Conveyor belt
  • Elevator
  • Frequency inverter controlled RAP-drying drum
  • Buffer silo
  • Scale
  • Screw conveyor to the mixer
  • Electric heaters for the buffer silo, scale and screw conveyor
  • AmoControl asphalt plant control system