RAP into the Drying Drum Using a Recycling Ring

Amomatic’s cost-efficient solution for recycling reclaimed asphalt works with a recycling ring. It is the best choice for manufacturers needing a system that is both transportable and easy to install.

The method makes it possible to use 10% of recycled material via screen and up to 30% via by-pass. Reclaimed asphalt goes into the drying drum via the recycling ring. It is then gently heated in order to avoid damage to the RA binder. Virgin ingredients are then added to the mix. After this, the heated material goes from the drying drum to the mixing tower via a hot elevator.

Basic configuration

  • Hopper with a variable speed feeder
  • Conveyor belt with a belt scale
  • Recycling ring for the drying drum
  • Electrical centre
  • AmoControl asphalt plant control system

The modular construction of our recycling systems makes them easy to transport and incorporate into existing asphalt plants. Many features can also be customised according to your needs.