Emission Measuring System

Compact continuous emission measuring system designed specifically for both mobile and stationary asphalt plants. Amomatic’s solution combines field-proven technology with exact sampling in all conditions.

AmoCEMS provides your asphalt plant with extra protection and increased energy efficiency. In addition, it makes the manufacturing process more ecological.

The system has an automated alarm and shut-off. If it detects something going awry in the process, possible damages will be minimised. Exact measurements of fuel usage guarantee that the plant is operating with optimal efficiency, thus decreasing the cost of producing asphalt.

Sample conditioning unit and analyser

AmoCEMS’ PTFE sample line is heated and has a solid-state relay control that allows programmable temperature control with alarms. This ensures that the samples stay in a gaseous state when entering the sample conditioning unit. The temperature range for the line is 0-200° C, and the power is 100 W/m.

The sample conditioning unit of the system delivers dry and particle-free samples for the analyser. It has low maintenance requirements and a fail-safe operation that is guarded with moisture and flow monitoring.

The system has a stand-alone multi-gas analyser that provides continuous measurement for five gases (CO, CO2, NO, NO2, SO2,). In addition, it measures oxygen via a paramagnetic shell. AmoCEMS utilises single-beam, non-dispersive infrared optical filter technology (NDIR).

Sample probe and particle monitoring system

The system comes with a 1.3 m sample probe equipped with a sintered filter and a DN65PN6 flange process connection. The maximum operation temperature of the probe is 600 °C.

AmoCEMS is a QAL1 approved particle monitoring system. It works with a patented electrodynamic measuring principle. Thus, its operation is maintenance free. The monitoring system has a certified measuring range of 0-15 mg/m2 and capacity for a 0-100 mg/m2 range. Maximum process temperature is 400 °C.

The monitoring system has a R1 ½ “ process connection. It is recommended to fit it with a DN65/PN10 flange to stack.