Asphalt Plant Control System – AmoControl by Amomatic

Amomatic’s asphalt plants come with an integrated process control system, AmoControl. With its state-of-the-art technology, it is an important part of a modern and profitable asphalt plant.

AmoControl is a scalable and a flexible system based on Simatic PCS7 – a future-oriented process control system as well a component of Totally Integrated Automation.

Our solution provides you with everything you need for asphalt manufacturing process automation. All components are perfectly matched and integrated, thus building up a homogenous control system.

System architecture and hardware 

AmoControl’s system architecture enables you to operate your plant cost-efficiently over its entire lifespan. This includes planning, engineering, commissioning, operation training as well as maintenance.  The flexibility of the system architecture facilitates specific extensions of process control functions through seamless integration of extensive supplemental functionalities.

The system’s hardware consists of durable industrial components, supplied by the world’s leading manufacturers. AmoControl utilises an industrial grade PC, a programmable Siemens logic control system and an uninterruptable power supply unit (UPS).

Ethernet local area network makes it easy to connect the system to various optional devices. These include, for example, remote computer terminals, truck weighbridges and wireless truck identification devices.

System software

AmoControl uses Microsoft Windows 7 as its operating system. This ensures ease-of-use and wide possibilities for future expansions.

The system comes with a built-in Amomatic Web Interface program. It allows the asphalt plant operating personnel to track the manufacturing process, modify recipes or batch sequences and change current values. The application also gives real-time information and stores relevant production data.

The software can be customised with additional features, such as connecting it to the AmoFoam and AmoCEMS systems. Different processes can also be controlled and monitored remotely through the internet. User-specific passwords and efficient firewalls protect the system from unauthorised access.

Field integration and diagnostics

AmoControl’s Simatic PCS7 is optimised for the integration of distributed field devices in a process control system. This is possible through the use of the simple, durable and reliable PROFINET technology. It is used throughout the world in a variety of process, production and hybrid industries.

PROFINET can be used for input and output logistics as well as for primary and secondary processes. The technology offers lower procurement and service costs. In addition, it provides manufacturers with the possibility of easily replacing field devices.     

The integrated system continuously executes self-tests and performs self-diagnostics in order to ensure safety.

Service and maintenance

Amomatic provides full services in all aspects of configuration, commissioning and support. Express delivery of replacement parts, repair services and plant modernisation are all readily available. 

The highly sophisticated AmoControl system allows our specialists to remotely perform diagnostics and modifications. The knowledge of our automation, electricity and mechanics specialists is at your disposal, should you, for example, be in need of training for your staff.