Asphalt Batch Tracking Solution

AmoTrack asphalt mixture tracking system offers benefits for both asphalt plant operators and the paving personnel. The digital system enables manufacturers to track the paving process in real-time. It also allows them to monitor the composition of the asphalt.

The plant operator can immediately see when the load has been delivered. He also gets the comments from the paving personnel via an application, thus decreasing unnecessary telephone calls. Detailed information about the loading process can be retrieved either automatically or manually.

With AmoTrack, the paving personnel have a real-time connection with the asphalt plant. With the use of a tablet, they can see when and where the trucks have been loaded, and the unloading only requires the push of a button. The paving personnel are also able to leave comments for the asphalt plant operator and use the application offline.

Tracking paved asphalt

AmoTrack uses a cloud-based solution in order to store the information regarding paved asphalt. For example, it is possible to search a for certain load using the date that the batch has left the plant. This makes it easy to find the relevant details if something unexpected has happened during the paving process.

Key features and customising options

  • GPS-based, real-time tracking of asphalt loading and unloading
  • Easier communication between the plant operator and the paver
  • Search and filtering functions with production and load IDs
  • Clear user interface both on PC and tablet
  • Possibility to see when the paving has stopped (optional)
  • Infrared heat monitoring (optional)
  • Thermographic images of the paved asphalt (optional)