New Visualisation Service from Amomatic

With the help of our asphalt plant visualisation service, you can plan, manage and optimise the configuration of your asphalt plant.

The power of 3D visualisation

Benefit from being able to fully visualise your future asphalt plant. Our visualisation software, which is based on the Unity Game engine, will allow you to envision your plant digitally and give you a clean perception of your future installations's configuration. This will, among other things, enable you to optimise the area in which your asphalt plant will be implemented.

By using the exact GPS location of your future plant, our teams are also able to integrate this digital plant into its operating environment, allowing you to visualise this plant in a context you are familiar with.


Explore your asphalt plant virtually

Examine the details of your future facility with our videos and software

We can supply you with fly-through videos of your asphalt plant, or we can give you the possibility to use the software yourself in order to explore it. By doing so through the use of a keyboard and a mouse, you can easily go through the installation and examine all the different plant modules in detail.