Industrial Control Systems

In addition to applications designed specifically for asphalt manufacturing, Amomatic offers a wide range of industrial control systems. Our customised solutions are sturdily built and offer unrivalled diagnostics and supervision.

Amomatic’s industrial control systems include both the hardware and software required to maintain an efficient operation in the process industry and in energy production. Our technology can be integrated into e.g., industrial burners, drum dryers and cold feeders.

Different systems are always adjusted to the production location, thus providing the perfect solution for even the most demanding situations.

Networked and customisable

Our industrial control systems are built with the latest technology available. This allows networked solutions that enable you to control the system remotely, as well as to view the measured data online with our web-based applications.

Amomatic’s control systems can be customised at a later stage with multiple add-ons. For example, a burner system can be combined with a continuous emission measuring system for a more environmentally friendly burning process.

Secure and easy to use

Amomatic’s ICS allows control of multiple devices with one system. All parameters are accessible within selected user rights, therefore making the system safe and secure. Remote access is protected with efficient firewalls.

The user interface of our industrial control systems is easy to learn. It has also been translated into multiple languages.


Amomatic’s industrial control systems are available for the following products:

  • Burners
  • Cold feeders
  • Drum dryers
  • Asphalt mix storage silos
  • Asphalt recycling equipment